Hello there!

Thank you for stopping by! I’m a full stack lead developer, proficient in Go, Python, and JavaScript (React, mostly).

  • Current lead developer at Conquer.
  • I can only succeed if my team succeeds.
  • Inclusive, empathetic and understanding.
  • Forever a student and always a mentor.

On a more personal note…

I live in California with my wife, daughter, and pitty puppy. I volunteer at our local dog rescue by managing their IT infrastructure and fostering regularly. We take frequent vacations to Disneyland and Disney World in between visiting our families in the midwest and east coast. My favorite wine is a Cabernet Savingon, though I do love a really good GSM as well. Tech is my third career: I have a degree in botany and worked freelance in photo and video before landing among all of these computers.

Find me on the Internet

Twitter: @wgeorgecook

Mastodon: @williamcook@hachyderm.io

Github: wgeorgecook