Charity Yeti

Charity Yeti

Charity Yeti aims to raise money for the Partner’s In Health maternal center of excellency in Sierra Leone. What began as a Tweet from Hank Green is growing to a platform that allows Twitter users to contribute to ending infant and mother mortality in Sierra Leone.

Meet Needs

Meet Needs is a community broker program that allows for basic moderation. Through Meet Needs, people can submit needs they need met with contact information that is only available to the moderator, and the need itself is posted to the community Needs Board. People can volunteer to meet a need, and send their contact information to the moderator. The goal here is for the moderators to verify both need makers and need fulfillers and connect the two parties.

Carb Counter

Carb Counter is a nutritional database program that allows users to keep a bank of their common dietary items and search through them to add up the amount of carbs they’ve consumed.


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